Isn’t Nail Polish Just Nail Polish?

For those of you (boys) who don’t know diddly about nail polish, let me learn you some knowledge. There are ALL KINDS of nail polish. How can you not know this, I mean you have a girlfriend, right? Well, if not, then pay close attention.

First of all, not all brands are the same quality. The better brands are OPI, Essie, Vinylux and maybe a few others. There are some really expensive ones, but they aren’t really any better than the ones I just listed. Then there are the discount brands, which really are almost as good as the expensive ones. These include China Glaze, Savina, Color Club, Jordana, Sation and tons of others. Then you have the ultra-cheap ones. These are usually imported from China or Korea. These brands may not even have a brand name. One brand that comes to mind is Kleancolor.

Your best bet is to stick with the medium to expensive brands from OPI down to Sation. Don’t bother with the luxury brands, and don’t bother with the bottom of the barrel either.

Then there is the kind of polish that you want. I’ll briefly explain each of the more popular kinds:

Crème – crème polishes are what most people think of when they think of polish. They are opaque, and don’t have any effects like holographic or shimmer when you look at them from different angles. It’s like regular paint.

Shimmer or Frost – the term these days is shimmer, but we used to call it frost. These polishes have tiny glitter that makes the polish shimmer when you move them in the light. I’ve seen a similar effect on some sports cars’ paint job.

Glitter – glitter polishes have bigger pieces of glitter. They are big enough for you to make them out, whereas in shimmer polishes, the glitter is so small that you really can’t tell that it’s glitter. Glitter polishes may have various glitter shapes, and various sizes.

Matte – matte polish (usually a top coat) makes the nail polish not glossy, but more like the way your unpolished nail looks to begin with. For you boys, you should understand this – the finish looks like primer that you paint your car with before the paint.

New textures and effects come and go like crackle effect, glow in the dark, holographic, sand, etc.


Now, for you boys who just want to know the basics so you can impress your girlfriend with your sensitive side, basecoat goes on before the polish, and top coat goes on after the polish. Got it. Don’t worry about the other stuff like dehydrator, cuticle care, nail dryers, roughing the nail, buffers, buffing cream etc. That’s for another day. Well, that’s the basic stuff on polish. Hope you learned something new!

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