Me and My Blog

Welcome to the Beauty-o-holic blog. I am not a nail technician or salon owner or anything like that. I’m just a girl who lives to find awesome nail polishes. I began painting my nails as a little girl of about 5. Back then my favorite nail polish color was grass-green, if you can believe that. I went everywhere with my green nails – it didn’t matter what color clothes my mother put me in, my nails were gonna be painted green.

When I finally discovered that boys didn’t like green fingernails, I started putting more common colors on my nails. So began my obsession with nail polish. I’ve got a huge collection of about 300 colors (I consider it huge anyway). Some of the older ones I have that are discontinued would sell on eBay for over $50 per bottle! Alas, I’ve opened and used all of mine, so no one would want to buy it anyway. Besides what makes you think I’d part with any of them¬†¬† ;-P

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